Elliot Cole: A Ray of Living Light (07:40) marimba
quiet, humble and yearning meditations on Moby Dick

Elliot Cole: Bloom Suite (13:00) marimba
hypnotic, melodic, cathartic perpetual motion machine

Elliot Cole: Swamp Thing (05:00) drum kit
telescoping grooves, blazing breaks, backbeat swagger

Elliot Cole: New Year’s Day (10:30) vibraphone
melodic illusions and hypnotic loops

* Wally Gunn: Seven Shells (08:00) prepared drum kit with speaking voice
shells, bells, chains, and a flipped kick rumbling beneath evocative narrative poetry

Wally Gunn: Willow (06:00) drum kit with speaking voice
solemn spoken word over sensual interwoven rhythms

* Robert Honstein: Hymning (9:00) marimba
meditative and lyrical chorale-fantasy, a moment of calm and beauty

* Robert Honstein: An Economy of Means (28:32) prepared vibraphone
epic sweep, tin foil, junk sounds, pure sounds, all the feelings
‘II. Chorale’:

* Tonia Ko: Blue Skin of the Sea (21:00) marimba
full exploration of the marimba’s range through innovative techniques

* Tonia Ko: Breath, Contained (05:00 / open) bubble wrap and live electronics
guided improvisation on bubble wrap with nuanced audio processing

Andrea Mazzariello: Concertpop (06:30) drum kit, electronics
majestic synthpop, fragmented and reassembled

* Andrea Mazzariello: Home Body (13:15) voice, hammered dulcimer, kick drum, hi hat
intimate multitasking, lyrical and soaring

Andrea Mazzariello: Forms of Practice (12:00) mixed percussion, electronics
ritual music for objects and their mangled samples

Andrea Mazzariello: Monobot (08:00) drum kit
slow burn, four-limb independence study

Dave Molk: Atoms (07:30) glockenspiel
very soft, using ping pong balls for mallets, requires amplification

Dave Molk: Chugging, Churning (07:00) multi setup
loud, aggressive, cross rhythms, lots of builds

Dave Molk: Spice (35:00) double seconds
7 pieces that can be played separately or as part of a set

* Kate Neal: Self Accusation (09:00) (text: Peter Handke) drum kit, extra kick, metals, box, amplified voice, guiro, woodblock
a study in rules and regulations

* Carl Schimmel: Nono Nono Bo Bono (7:00) marimba
combines ‘The Beat Goes On’ with ‘The Name Game’ and Luigi Nono

* Ken Thomson: Catapult (10:00) bongo, toms, kick
high energy, visceral drumming, muscular polyrhythms and big hits




* Wally Gunn:  Bare White Bones (10:00) speaking voices, flute, multi setup (bass drum, bongos, glock, crotale, ankle bells)
whispered incantations in Latin over jagged, fractured riffs

Wally Gunn:  Can You Hear Me? (09:00) drum kit, piano
melodic morse code in tight palindromic dialogues

Wally Gunn:  Little Things (25:00) 2 multi setups, vibraphone, marimba, speaking voices
tricky polyphony with speech and gesture in five playful and poignant vignettes

* Robert Honstein: Down Down Baby (20:49) prepared cello, desk bells, woodblocks, and plastic trash cans
childhood, clapping games, play, joy, alt-cello

Robert Honstein: Patter (07:00) marimba and piano
conversational, coy, and playful exchanges between marimba and prepared piano

* Elliot Cole: Flowerpot Music (05:30) 8 flowerpots
intimate interplay, dreamlike bells

* Tonia Ko: Hush (12:00) cello and percussion
(vibraphone, multi setup)
cohesive blending of the unusual duo with text and song

Dave Molk: Buzzed (07:30) part 1: pitched open instrumentation, part 2: prepared vibraphone, snare, and kick
cross rhythms, builds, fat-assed kick drum sneak attack

Dave Molk: Glow (04:30) 2 vibraphones, glockenspiel
delicate whispers and shimmering colors

Dave Molk: Unsteady in 2 movements (30:00) woodblocks, snare, vibraphone
movement 1: playing in and out of sync, movement 2: ethereal extended vibe world

* Carl Schimmel: Snood the Poultroon (11:00) multi setups
humorous and quirky theatrical piece with prominently featured kazoo

* Carl Schimmel: Temper Mutations (16:00) flute and percussion (multi setup)
motivically interconnected movements exploring emotional states; includes humor and theater



Florent Ghys: Soleil (07:00) 2 vibraphones, marimba, 3 toms
grooves, songs, chaos, wit

Robert Honstein: An Index of Possibility (23:00) mixed percussion: tuned metals and woods, glass bottles, bells, flower pot, drums
symphonic sweep, ambient bell tones, visceral unisons

Robert Honstein: Lip Service (22:00) flute, bass, percussion (metals, woods, glass, glockenspiel, melodica, kick drum)
jagged grooves, soft melodica clusters, blazing glock licks

Robert Honstein: Patter (07:00) marimba trio
conversational, coy, and playful exchanges between three marimbas

Robert Honstein: Patter (07:00) marimba, violin / viola, cello
conversational, coy, and playful exchanges between marimba and pizzicato strings

Dave Molk: Dreams (10:00) 2 multi setups, vibraphone, electronics
hard-hitting dance music
electronics low in mix:
possible realization of audio track:

Wally Gunn: Discothèque (10:00) 2 multi setups, drumset (vibraphone, crotales optional)
choppy skirmishes precede an ecstatic release of joy on the dancefloor




Elliot Cole: Facets (10:00) 2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas (4.3 and 5.0), crotales, glockenspiel, bass drum
a quilt of folding patterns; a singing hall of mirrors

Elliot Cole: Paths/Bells/Beehive/Bellwether (17:00) 4 cajóns, snare drums, crotales, amplification
loud, noisy, fast, bright

Elliot Cole: Postludes (23:00) vibraphone, 8 bows
eight quartets for bowed vibraphone – fragile, tender, haunting

Quinn Collins: Capillary Waves (08:00) 2 vibraphones, 2 marimbas (4.3)
eerie auras glow and spin

Wally Gunn: Double or Nothing (09:00) tin cans
intricately choreographed cacophony for hocketing tin cans on tabletop

Wally Gunn: Stones (20:00) 3 glockenspiels, 1 bass drum
crystalline meditations, tense dirges, and chimerical diversions for the spectral extremes

Wally Gunn: Tangram (08:30) steel pan, vibraphone, marimba, drum kit
pulsing echoes in juxtaposing geometric shapes

Wally Gunn: Vicious Children (10:00) 4 multi setups (toms, snares, almglocken) with speaking and singing voices
brittle clicks, driving drumming, and chillingly sinister chants that will spook you

Robert Honstein: Is It Auburn? (08:00) piano, violin, cello, percussion (glockenspiel, kick drum, snare, timbale / high tom, 2 woodblocks, cymbal)
relentless drumming, resonant halos of glockenspiel, piano and string harmonics

* Tonia Ko: Real Voices and Imagined Clatter (11:00) timpani, tuning forks, crotales, temple blocks, cowbells, tam-tam
showcasing the expressive power of timpani

Andrea Mazzariello: Babybot (06:00) 4 multi setups of found objects
junk instruments turned melodic, big beats made small

Andrea Mazzariello: Electrobot (09:00) laptop / percussion quartet
Intelligent Dance Music for percussionists on controller keyboards

Andrea Mazzariello: Octobot (09:00) 4 drum kits
groove-sharing straight-to-swing-to-straight metric modulator

Andrea Mazzariello: Polybot (08:00) 4 modified drum kits
four-player choreography on one big kit

Andrea Mazzariello: Symmetry and Sharing (13:00) percussion quartet with SATB vocal
interlocking breaks under four-part vocal counterpoint

Dave Molk: After (03:30) 2 vibraphones, glockenspiel, kick
short, straightforward, and all about the groove

Dave Molk: Another Night (11:00) 2 vibes, glock, marimba (5.0), kick, snare, hi-hat, splash stack
shake yer ass, optional electronic part (playback or live)

Dave Molk: Dreams (10:00) 2 vibes, 2 multi setups, electronics (live or playback)
hard-hitting dance music, now with more vibe
electronics low in mix:
possible realization of audio track:

Dave Molk: murmur (15:00) 2 vibraphones, ping-pong balls, cardboard dowels

Dave Molk: Phosphorous (10:00) 2 vibraphones, 2 multi-setups

Dave Molk: rush (11:00) 2 vibraphones, glockenspiel, crotales, kick drum
hold on!

* Carl Schimmel: Giantess Ella (11:00) 2 marimbas, 2 vibraphones, optional crotales
dense textures, chromatic and neo-romantic harmonies

* Carl Schimmel: Serving Size 4 Bunnies (10:00) marimba (2 players), multi setups
humorous and quirky theatrical piece with prominently featured squeaky toy

* Kate Neal: What Hath (14:00) 7 toms, kick, 4 wb, guiro, glass, metals, reception bells, bowls, snare
uses sound, light, and movement to explicate patterns derived from binary code, morse code, and light coding




Andrea Mazzariello: Bot (2016 revision, original artwork)
four Bot quartets (Baby- / Electro- / Octo- / Poly-), bound together




Elliot Cole: Amen (15:00) 12+ players, open instrumentation
the Amen break time-stretched & layered to a glacial roar

Robert Honstein: Conduit (15:00) percussion (multi setup), flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
minimalism-tinged athleticism, fragile lyricism, hard-driving tunes

Robert Honstein: Juno (18:00) percussion (multi setup), flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano
driving grooves, icy melodies, clangorous frenzies

Robert Honstein: Unwind (06:00) can be duo, trio, quartet, or more: marimba, vibraphone, possibly more
layered polyrhythms softly spinning out

Robert Honstein: Why Are You Not Answering? (14:00) drum kit, glockenspiel, clarinet, electric guitar, piano, cello, bass
off-kilter jazz, post-rock ballad, pop-infused melody

* Tonia Ko: Breath, Contained II (14:00) five bubble wrappers and live electronics
bubble wrap extravaganza with intricate, hand-drawn graphic score

* Kate Neal: Yes, No, Walk-Walk (10:30)
percussion (marimba, drum kit, vibraphone, 3 walking parts, 21 reception bells), piano, violin, viola, cello
formailzed gesture including bending, walking, torso, eyes, head and face, scored movement




* Andrea Mazzariello: Home Body / Symmetry and Sharing (OMR 001)
performed by David Degge and Mobius Percussion

* Elliot Cole, Robert Honstein, Wally Gunn, Andrea Mazzariello, and Dave Molk: Living Room Music Volume 1 (OMR 002)
performed by various artists, compiled by One More Revolution Records